U.N. Me

In a truly harrowing and often hilarious exposé, filmmakers Ami Horowitz and Matt Groff take us on an eye-opening tour of the United Nations, the world’s most revered institution. Is it living up to its founding ideals?  Can it? Playing the role of provocateur, Ami Horowitz embarks on a worldwide investigation to find answers. What he uncovers proves shocking.

See what the press has to say about the film.

"Ami Horowitz reminds one of a quick-footed Michael Moore serving up vigilante justice. His razor-sharp documenting of the subject makes U.N. Me as entertaining as it is illuminating"

–Ali Naderzad, screencomment.com | Read the Review

"Horowitz's documentary "U.N. Me"...takes the international organization to task for big and small transgressions...in a first film that's funny, feisty and fired up..."

–Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News | Read the Feature

"Horowitz takes a page out of the books of fellow filmmakers Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock and makes “U.N. Me” a cinematic spectacle without sacrificing its credibility."

–Joseph Airdo, Phoenix Examiner | Read the Review

"A scathing takedown of the United Nations..."

–Mindy Farabee, Los Angeles Times | Read the Review

"...the filmmakers present a sharp, well-argued case that exposes the rampant cronyism and greed eating away at the heart of the institution..."

–Robert Levin, am New York | Read the Review

"The end result is an indictment verified by people up and down the U.N.'s chain of command with paper trails miles long, all delivered with a wit rarely seen in political films."

–Megan Basham, World Magazine | Read the Review